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February 2016

How to Make Hanging Terrariums
DIY Gardening

How to Make Adorable Hanging Terrariums

Yup, I’ve gotten sucked in to Pinterest again. This time it was in search of ideas for my ugly and suffering indoor plants. I’d like to boast that I have a green thumb, but the truth is I kill the hardiest of plants. So,…

February 22, 2016
green home
Home Advice

4 Home Improvements To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the leading way to reduce your impact and make your home energy efficient. Learning about the ways that can result in more energy efficient home is critical to reducing your sewer, water, and electricity bills as well making your home greener.…

February 20, 2016
blueberry banana breakfast cookie recipe
Healthy Living Recipes

Blueberry Banana Breakfast Cookie Recipe

Cookies for breakfast?! Trust me, these healthy breakfast cookies will change the way your family starts their day. Packed with fruit and healthy grains that will give you energy without crashing later. I felt like I could tackle anything after having these for breakfast!…

February 5, 2016
health benefits of bone broth
Healthy Living Recipes

How to Make Chicken Bone Broth

I’ve been touting the benefits of bone broth to my friends and family for almost a year now, but it’s been only recently that my sisters have been taking fetish seriously. I stumbled upon bone broth when I was struggling with some digestive issues,…

February 4, 2016