Arm, Thighs, and Butt Workout

May 15, 2016

arm workout exercise plan

Since my husband is a personal trainer, I get the benefit of having a lifetime free trainer to write me programs and to help me keep fit and lookin’ good.

Each month I’ll be filling you in with these exercise plans so you can get in shape as well. This workout will get your arms, thighs, and butt in shape!

The weights I give are for a beginner. If you can handle more than do the most you can for that many reps.

Dumbell Squat to Bench
3 sets: 12-15 Reps Dumbell Squat to Bench- 15-20 pound dumbells (3 seconds down)

Dumbell Sumo Deadlift
3 set: 10-12 Reps Dumbell Sumo Deadlift- 30 pounds (4 seconds down)

Machine Row
2 sets: 8 Reps Hands face down (3 count in, 3 count out)
2 sets: 8 Reps Hands face each other (3 count in, 3 count out)

Machine Chest Press
3 set: 10 Reps (3 count in)

Bicep Curl
3 sets: 10 Reps – Come up with hands pam up holding weights, when you get to top, flip wrist so palms face down then 3-second count down.

Cable Rope Pressdown
3 set: 10-12 Reps Steady Pace (3 seconds count)

Good luck!

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