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10 Best Home DIY Blogs

October 16, 2015

The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, learn and how we live every facet of our lives. There is a Jupiter-sized bucket of free information for anyone who has wifi and the willingness to Google it.

There’s a marvelous digital world out there but sometimes it can be a little difficult to explore. Kinda like wading through a thick brush of bamboo where the only way you can see past five feet ahead is to go five feet ahead.

As a purveyor of digital knowledge (my fancy way of saying my day job as a content marketer) I want to help you find those tips, best practices and home improvements how-to’s that will make life simple and better for you.

DIY Home & Health will hopefully become your go-to source for DIY crafts, home improvement projects, health tips, fitness routines, home decor ideas, or simply just to get a kick from some of the life lessons we share. (Read more about us!)

But as you may have noticed…we don’t have much on this blog for you to learn from yet. So in the mean time, here are some of my favorite DIY home blogs.

Young house love DIY blog


1) Young House Love

Sherry and John write about their lives in regards to fixing up 3 of their homes on Young House Love. They have over 3,000 projects you can look to for inspiration or to do to your own home. They also have Pinterest-worthy galleries and home tours on their blog where you can get lost browsing their DIY home improvement ideas for weeks!

2) Remodelaholic

Have you ever wondered what you could do to spruce up your space? Maybe it’s a tiny studio or perhaps you have too much space! Don’t break a sweat, Cassity has totally found your solution and has posted about it on Remodelaholic.

bright green door DIY home blog

3) Bright Green Door

I love colorful front doors, but that’s not why Bright Green Door made my line up of top home blogs. Jess has a knack for making what would-be complex renovations cheap and simple.

4) The Ugly Duckling House

If you’re looking to laugh while learning to DIY, Sarah’s home improvement blog is the place to go. You’ll find everything from home decor to cleaning to recipes on The Ugly Duckling House.

DIY home network logo

5) DIY Network

Ok, so maybe this is more site than blog (fine line there these days!) but I would still count the DIY Network as a top home blog to visit for easy-to-follow projects and to get inspiration. There videos are also super helpful when trying to understand a more complex DIY renovation.

6) Today’s Homeowner

Type just about any DIY home project question into Google and Danny Lipford’s site is bound to pop up in the first few results! Danny has an amazing amount of beautiful and handy DIY projects and tips on Today’s Homeowner. I have about 10 of his projects tucked in my ‘someday DIY list’.

7) Thrifty Decor Chick

I love a good bargain. And if you’re interested in DIY, I imagine that you do too! Good thing Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick has been recording her budget-friendly DIY home projects for several years.

DIY blog home decor bookshelf

8) DIY on the Cheap

Another great affordable-yet-adorable DIY home blog is DIY on the Cheap by Erin Spain. I lover her sophisticated style and I always seem to get inspiration when sifting through her project gallery.

9) Live Love DIY

Doesn’t that just say it all :) While I haven’t gone as far as naming my furniture pieces, I do find Virginia’s classy style on her home blog absolutely gorgeous. Truly, it’s a gift.

10) The Inspired Room

On the far out stretches of the Internet, you’ll find some amazing places like Melissa’s blog The Inspired Room. Learn how to decorate from an amazing designer and home blogger. She never seems out of ideas…I think the ‘room’ must truly be the source of her inspiration.

Well, what are you still waiting over here for? Go exploring! I’ll see you back in a few days with hopefully a few DIY projects of my own that can inspire your creativity and transform your house to a home.

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    Love this list, lots of blogs I wasn’t familiar with! :)

    • Reply Alicia December 10, 2015 at 10:58 pm

      Thanks, Adrienne 😀

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