Creative D.I.Y Light Decoration Ideas for Christmas

December 14, 2015

To ensure that everyone who visits your house ends up providing you with huge compliments for your Christmas decorations, you actually have to come up with some out of the box Christmas decorations ideas, which can force people to say ‘WOW!’. And that sort of excitement can only be generated through, ‘Do It Yourself’ or D.I.Y light decorations.

Lights which are specifically designed for the decorative purpose have the unbelievable potential to enhance or adorn the appearance of your house. Yes, that’s right, at a time when you feel like giving importance to every corner of your house, strings of lights prove to be really helpful for you. You always have some or other sort of options to put these twinkling little lights wherever you can, for example, you can deck your garden, porches, patios, interiors and backyard with them, which eventually allow you to give special attention to every nook and cranny of the building.

Christmas table decor

Make the use of following D.I.Y light decorations ideas this Christmas:

Drape your mailbox with strings of lights

Let’s start preparing your house for Christmas right from your mailbox, that mostly stays right in front of your house, from where the street begins. All you have to do is pick the small size lights and drape it thoroughly. If you want to remain simple yet aesthetically stunning, don’t drape it too densely instead of that, try to highlight its shape by putting the light strings only on its edges.

Deck your main gate with a garland

Use Christmas greenery and lights to decorate your main gate, which allow your guests to enter the front yard. Stick a bunch of green twigs at the center of the gate and hang a garland that is made up of both greenery and lights in such a way that it highlights the gate effectively.

Create your own decorative lights with Mason jars

You can decorate your walkways amazingly with the assistance of Mason jars and candles. And in this case, you don’t even have to do any hard work, apart from putting the candles inside the jar and placing the jars beautifully on the walkways. By lining up the jars along the walkways, you will be doing nothing but creating a bold decorative statement.

Give some life to the bare trees in the garden

Bare trees are symbolic of the winter season, and in this way they become an important part of Christmas, which is one of the greatest Christian festival that’s is celebrated during this season. So, it’s a great idea to give these trees a vibrant look by decking their branches with decorative lights.

Decorate with homemade wreaths and vintage lanterns

Your front door remains a highly crucial part of your house, so it must be decked by you with all the enthusiasm. Show your guests that you want to welcome them with an open arm and then deck your front door like never before. Put a lot of attractive things in front of it which can talk loudly about the festive season, for example, you can put the gift boxes, vintage lanterns, Christmas candles, and Christmas ornaments all around your front door. In addition, to that deck it with a nicely developed Christmas wreath.

Deck your windows with plastic cup lights

Well, it is quite simple to develop plastic cup lights, for which you need medium size plastic cups that you can easily find in the market and strings of lights. For creating a plastic cup light garland, all you have to do is make a small hole at the bottom of the cup and then insert the bulbs within the cup through that. In other words, hang the plastic cups upside down from the LED light string and let them hold the bulbs inside them.

Decorate dining table and stairs with greenery, centerpieces and candles

When it comes to your interiors, you must make it sure that you use a lot of greenery (pine twigs or other fall greenery), Christmas candles with candle stands, vintage lanterns, garland and holiday ornaments, and innovative homemade centerpieces. All these holiday decorative items can be used creatively in order to deck dining tables, stairs, sideboards, and center tables etc.

So, if don’t have any creative ideas in your mind, you can easily go ahead with the ideas mentioned in this post. Marry Christmas!

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