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My Favorite Fluffy Items and How They Can Boost Your Health

February 19, 2017

I’m coming out of the closet. I have an addiction. The moment I get home, I go straight up to my room and put on something…fluffy.

I love fluffy and soft things. It’s a serious weakness.

I can say no to most everything when walking through a mall but if my skin is touched by something fuzzy. Game over. Follow me on Snapchat for funny snaps of my fuzzy finds.

I don’t think my addiction is without cause. There are (in my mind) links to scientific studies that fluff is good for me (and, therefore, good for you).

The Case for More Fluff

Have you heard of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin helps us be happier and healthier. It can lower your blood pressure, reverse the harmful effects of stress (by lowering the stress hormone cortisol which can do considerable damage to your heart and digestive system if not kept in check), and boost your immune system!

There are a variety of ways to get your brain to release oxytocin into your system. The most famous is human touch. Cuddle therapy is real, yo.

As someone who struggles with stress, I can attest that I always feel so much better when I have time to cuddle with my husband, give hugs, and when I get to pet a fuzzy dog.

While human to human touch is great, I know it’s not always possible to get our fill every day. Now, I believe there are other things that can trigger oxytocin. I can get the same happy, stress-free feeling when I’m laughing, talking to friends at a café, or (you guessed it!) wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket or sitting in my fluffy papasan!

Our skin contains sensors that are connected to the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is connected to a number of organs, including the heart. This explains why hugs can lower your risk of heart disease. But if our skin picks up human touch and animal touch, don’t you think it could pick up other types of touch and give you the same hormone release?

Let’s talk fluff. Do you have anything made from animal fur? My parents bought me a pair of 100% sheepskin slippers from Australia. At first I was furious that they spent $100 on a pair of slippers. But these slippers are awesome. They keep my feet at a perfect temperature (Goldilocks style- not too hot, not too cold).

But the comfort I get from the slippers go beyond temp. I get a fuzzy feeling.

Not to sound like Pocahontas, but everything around us has an energy. From people to plants to rocks. Have you heard the term grounding before?

In essence, we are just atoms vibrating together (the basic definition of energy). It’s this energy I believe our skin is channeling through our vagus nerve, which then releases oxytocin.

So is it that far of a stretch to see how the energy of certain fuzzy items could, when pressed against the skin for an extended period of time, release oxytocin.

Let me break all this down for you: Fuzzy and soft things against skin = Oxytocin released = Stress deduction, fights fatigue, lowers risk of heart disease and boost immune system = Happier and healthier YOU.

My Favorite Fluffy Finds

After my latest impulse buy of some fluffy pants, my husband suggested I should open up a store filled with soft and fluffy things. LOVE this idea! While I can’t quit my job to do it, I thought I could still share my fluffy favorites with all my friends in an occasional roundup on my blog.

Note: The links below are to Amazon. When you click through and purchase a product I receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you. The money I receive goes to helping me keep this blog live and filled with helpful information. Thanks for your support!

1) Most Comfortable Slippers EVER for Both Men and Women

The sheep farm my parents bought my slippers from is called Canterbury Sheepskin. You can find several of their slippers for both women and men at the link above.

Best slippers EVER made from sheepskin

I know many people have the problem of getting clammy feet when they wear slippers but with sheepskin your feet keep dry and at the perfect temperature. So if you tend to have sweaty feet, try these sheepskin slippers!

2) Derek Heart Sweat Pants

I found my pants at Boscov’s. I don’t go there often but when I do I always find crazy deals! These particular pants were the last ones on the clearance rack and it was in my size! It was meant to be :) Did I mention they were $5.99. Seriously!

super comfortable fluffy pants

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One thing I really love about these is how nicely fitted they are while still remaining slightly loose for optimal comfort. They have a drawstring top and are pretty log for comfy pants, which worked for me since I have long legs.

I also have several of Derek Heart’s leggings. Also purchased for $5.99. What’s crazy is they feel and look like LuluRoe leggings, which in my opinion are a total rip off when compared to the leggings I bought.

3) Faded Glory Super Fluffy Housecoat

The link above leads to the brand on Amazon because they currently don’t have this housecoat. My sister originally got this housecoat for me at Walmart. I had passed by, touching things as I do, and stopped when I felt this housecoat. I’m not a big Walmart fan but so far they take the cup for cheapest and softest housecoat in my opinion. I believe it was only $19.99 at the time.

my favorite fluffy housecoat

Since I wear this housecoat pretty much every day when I get home, my husband tried getting me a second. He asked around to see what others thought is the softest housecoat and several said Victoria’s Secret so he bought me one from there for Christmas. However, it wasn’t as fluffy as mine from Walmart (and it was ridiculously pricey ~$65!). I’ve also found an adorable fluffy housecoat at Sears on sale for $14! See my Instagram photo of it.

These three pieces are my essential fluffy favorites. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them and find my monthly (or perhaps quarterly) lists useful to meet your fluffy needs.

Till next time, my friend, keep comfortable!

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