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Review: Are Thinx Period Underwear Worth It?

April 17, 2016

WARNING: This post is for women only and contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own.

Are THINX Period Underwear Worth It

Let’s get intimate. I hate periods. I know tampons are bad for you but I hate pads… so I end up with a lot of bloody underwear! And more often than not, that blood stains, which really grosses out my husband.

So when I heard about She THINX period underwear I was so excited. Of course, I was a little less excited when I saw the price ($34!! Seriously?!).

Now something you need to know about me–I’m picky, especially about underwear. While I have a size small (sometimes x-small) waist, my butt doesn’t always fit in that size of underwear. I can’t stand it when underwear fits weird. I also don’t like too lacey or silky underwear. I know I’m weird 😛

After weeks of getting inundated with THINX ads, I decided to buy one pair to try them out. Plus I loved the idea that a portion of the money went to AFRIpads which helps women learn how to make pads so they can become entrepreneurs and it also makes pads available for girls so they can go to school.

Ok, now on to my super critical and honest review of THINX period underwear. I got their smallest size (XS) in a nude hiphugger style. I got it in the mail in two days and handwashed it before using. The outside has a silky feel but the inside is black and feels more like cotton (which is what I prefer in terms of underwear texture). THINX period underwear has a starchy texture and only slightly thickerr than normal underwear  (btw you’re not allowed to use softener on it) but once I put my pants on I couldn’t tell! In terms of overall comfort, they didn’t fit me perfectly (a little too big for being an xs but any smaller and my butt wouldn’t fit); however, they did look classy and stylish (not like I’m going to try to seduce my husband on my period though).

I wore them overnight (I don’t usually bleed that much) and continued wearing them in the morning of my heaviest period day. I was curious how long it was going to last. I was really impressed that the underwear never really felt wet because of their moisture-wicking technology. Within 4 hours after I woke up, I had bled through the underwear. I estimate that it held slightly over 1 regular tampon’s worth of blood. They were super easy to clean (though if you have zero tolerance for blood probably not the underwear for you), I simply washed in cold water in the sink to get all the blood out and then tossed them in the wash and laid flat to dry. None of the blood stained the underwear.

I also like the fact that the underwear has anti microbial silver in the fabric to make your monthly a little more hygienic.

Honest Review of Thinx period underwear

Review of THINX Period Underwear

Now that the gruesome details are out of the way, here are my thoughts. Could you completely replace your current monthly regimen with these THINX period underwear–No, not without it being a pain in the butt to change and spending hundreds of dollars.

So what are THINX good for?
-Overnight (especially if you only bleed a little).
-During the start of your period since you don’t know the exact timing Aunt Flo will come to visit.
-At the end of your period when it’s just spotting.

Since I still have the period underwear and didn’t return them (which you can if you’re not completely satisfied) means I do think they are worth buying. While they aren’t super comfortable like I was hoping, they are more comfortable than a pad.

I have also found other similar period underwear brands that are more affordable here.

If you are interested in buying a pair of Thinx, you can use my friend link to get $10 off a pair (and I’ll also get $10 toward my next purchase):

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions!

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