Settlers of Catan Whoopie Pie Bar

April 9, 2016

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How to put together the best whoopie pie bar

My husband’s and mine dating relationship consisted of dining out, mini golf and Settlers of Catan.

When we got married, we decided to make it a tradition to buy a Catan game every year. We usually wait till after Christmas because the local board game shop would have a huge discount on all games.

Our collection now consists of Settlers of Catan (expansion pack!), Seafarers, Cities and Knights and Trails to Rails (which is the board shaped like America–how cool is that!)

For my birthday last year, he ordered this crazy delicious blueberry velvet 3 layer cake that was decorated with a mini Doctor Who and Tardis…so a lot of pressure on me to give him a dessert he would love! (yes, we are geeks :P)

So I partnered with Whoopie Bakery in Chambersburg PA to create the ultimate Settlers of Catan whoopie pie bar!

Settlers of Catan Whoopie Pie Bar

So here’s what we did. I ordered 2 dozen deconstructed whoopie pies and here’s what it came with:

  • Dozen pumpkin cake
  • Dozen chocolate cake
  • Cinnamon coffee frosting
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Caramel glaze (which was our ‘gold’)
  • Toasted coconut topping (sheep resource)
  • Crushed chocolate espresso beans topping (coal resource)

First off, crazy that I got all that for $40 and they had these adorable labels too! In order to complete the whoopie pie bar, I added a few additional toppings that I had around the house:

  • Baked bacon pieces (brick resource)
  • Pretzels (wheat resource)
  • Crushed Oreos (ore resource)
  • Pecans (wood resource)
  • Maple syrup (more gold!)

Seriously, how perfect did these toppings relate to the resources in Catan!

Whoopie Pie toppings Settlers of Catan style

So when our friends came over, we told them they could build their own city! The cake was the house, the frosting the roads, the caramel glaze or maple syrup was gold and then all the toppings as resources. Proud nerd moment! My husband LOVED it!! Not only was this such a creative dessert but the whoopie pies were unbelievably delicious!! My friends could not stop raving about it!

Here are a few of our favorite ‘cities’ we put together:

  • The Ultimate City: Chocolate cake, caramel glaze, cream cheese frosting, pretzels and Oreos (get need wheat and ore to make a city!)
  • Hit the Road, Jack: Pumpkin, cream cheese frosting, bacon and pecans (cus ya gotta have wood and brick to make them roads…)
  • The Brick Port: Pumpkin cake, maple syrup, cream cheese frosting and bacon
  • The Wild West: Chocolate cake, caramel glaze, cinnamon coffee frosting, pecans and chocolate covered espresso beans (if you haven’t played Trails to Rails, you won’t get it)
  • The Secret Victory Point: Chocolate cake, caramel glaze, cream cheese frosting, coconut, pretzels and Oreos (sheep, wheat and ore is needed to buy a development card)

Are you setting up your own Settlers of Catan whoopie pie bar? Let me know in the comments your favorite combinations!

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