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How to Build a Straw Bale Garden

December 1, 2015

Winter can really suck the life out of you, or at least out of your garden!

During these cold months I like to explore some unconventional approaches to gardening like indoor plants, mason jar herbs and preparing a straw bale garden!

Why Start a Hay Bale Garden?

Hay bale gardens are great alternatives when you don’t have good soil. They are cheaper and easier than taking the time to amend crappy dirt or build a raised bed.

Straw bale gardening is also a great way to use old straw bales that you might have used for decor during the fall (waste not, want not!). It’s also a great activity for kids to learn a bit more about how vegetables grow.

If you’re interested in creating your own hay bale garden, then now’s the time to start since it takes a few months to get the hay ready and straw bales are easier to come by at the end of fall. put together a pretty fantastic straw bale gardening infographic so you can learn how to build your own straw bale garden!


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